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Most businesses want to know how they can protect their brand value by preventing other businesses from using a name that is the same as or similar to the name under which they do business.This includes: This includes: Provide a brand name that has a live registered trademark.

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To prevent others from using the name for any reason, including on merchandise, you need to protect it through a registered trademark.A lawyer who specializes in copyright and trademark issues gives important advice on protecting your brand in light of the Gucci vs Guess case.By trademarking your logo or brand, you are providing it protection as it is illegal to use the same logo or tagline.

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These are important if your company trades in or plans to trade in another country.

Your brand is constantly under attack by competitors that bid on your branded keywords, interrupting the customer journey and diverting search traffic and ultimately revenue.That was emphasized at a June 19 panel held during Los Angeles Fashion Market at the California Market Center.

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In a recent survey released jointly by the World Economic Forum and the.An eye catchy name and a logo aid your business to build a recognizable brand.Your first step should be to register the name as a trademark.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online.

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To protect your new business name against theft by other entrepreneurs, several administrative steps must be taken to a local, state, national and global level.

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Both patents and trademarks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.To help protect your brand(s), here are five basic steps to strengthening your trademark protection: Choose Wisely The more creative your brand name is, the greater the odds that it is unique.Your brand name and the goodwill of your brand itself are the main identifiers of your company.

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Branding is often one of the most difficult and most rewarding tasks for business.If your brand is distinctive, it will be easier to promote to your customers and will also be easier to protect under the law.The name of your band defines your music and becomes your brand.

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Sunrise is an initial mandatory period of at least 30 days before domain names are offered to the general public.

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Registering a trademark will protect your brand name or logo, while a copyright protects an original artistic or literary work.To protect your brand name and logo, you will need to utilize the trademark registration service.This interaction also means people can easily publish reviews, comments and complaints about your company that can show up in Web search results and negatively affect your brand.Strong name recognition can help you develop your business and set it up for long-term success.

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A strong, recognizable name helps instill customer confidence in your capabilities and establishes brand recognition for your services or products.

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Trademarks protect domain names and domain names provide online identities for your brands and a home for your marketing content.

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Yet many small businesses overlook an important first step in securing their brand: trademarks.

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The online world has long been a space in which brands and businesses have jostled for attention.

Have you ever wondered (or possibly experienced), what it would be like to have your brand name lost to your competition and never return.When it comes to your business name and trademarks, a few proactive steps can go a long way toward protecting your brand and business.

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